Pathway to Chartership (P2C) online course

ExamChum has prepared the first online course for Landscape Architects on the Pathway to Chartership (P2C)!

We’ve put the candidate’s need for a solid information package ahead of everything, producing a video-based online course with right-to-the-point guidance on the syllabus areas the examiners will be looking at in the exam.

In these videos, we take you through all of the main topics that you are expected to have knowledge on, while giving you at the same time many exam questions to consider.


The Pathway to Chartership (P2C) online course offers you a wealth of information in all four core sections. This super-charged package goes through the main topics described in all sections of the Syllabus and finishes off with practical tips that will boost your confidence and overall enhance your preparation.

We’ve all already been through this and completely understand the frustration and issues that this learning process comes with. Our aim is to put things in order and help you organise your reading material in a simple way.

The course has been designed by experienced Chartered Landscape Architects with the end user in mind and it will keep being updated with new content determined by the students – that’s you!

Upon completion, you will also receive a personalised Certificate of Completion.

How this benefits you
  • 5.5 hours on-demand video content
  • Study at your own pace
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Access from any device
  • Organised breakdown of the syllabus
  • Learn without any distractions
  • Instant access
  • Watch repeatedly, no limits
  • Exam tips bonus material
  • Closed Caption support in all videos
  • No travel costs

Course content

These are the key topics that this P2C online course covers:



  What this is 01:05
  What to expect 02:34
  Structure 00:55
  Assumptions 01:24
  Disclaimer 01:27

Section 1 - Code of Conduct & Professional topics

  Introduction 01:25
  The Landscape Institute 02:47
  The Royal Charter / Code of Conduct / European Landscape Convention 05:11
  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 02:30
  Professionalism & Ethics 06:15
  Other Landscape Organisations 02:33

Section 2 - Law and Practice Management topics

  Introduction 01:06
  Forms of practice 07:09
  Insurances 05:42
  Marketing 03:56
  Invoicing 02:23
 Employment particulars 03:10
 Employer’s duties 03:12
  Employee obligations 01:11
  Quality Management Systems (QMS) 02:53
 ISO certification 04:21
  Obtaining work  08:27
  Calculating fees 05:04
  The legal system 03:20
  Liabilities for a Landscape Architect 10:00
  Law relevant to land 02:37
  Intellectual property / Copyright 02:14

Section 3 - Planning topics

  Introduction 01:01
  The Planning System 17:20
  Local Plans 04:38
  Neighbourhood Plans 02:49
  Local Planning Authorities structure 05:49
  Contributions and Community benefits (CIL, s106) 03:08
  Permitted Development rights 07:21
  Planning applications 12:57
  Appeals, recovery, call-in 04:36
  Statutory and non-statutory consultees 03:41
  Stakeholders 01:54
  Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) 07:15
  Landscape designations 05:53
  Green Belt 02:43
  Wildlife protection 03:45
  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 07:37
  Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) 08:21
  Grants / funding 03:42
  Minerals / landfill tax 03:27

Section 4 - Contracts and Implementation topics

  Introduction 01:30
  Contracts 13:24
  Standard forms of contracts 05:05
  Procurement route strategy 07:25
  Tendering 09:26
  Important roles 03:44
  CDM Regs 2015 14:39
  Sub-contractors 02:48
  Instructions / Variations 02:47
  Collateral warranties 02:25
  Bonds  03:10
  Retention 02:29
  Extension of time 03:14
  Liquidated and ascertained damages 03:41
  Latent and patent defects 03:20
  Novation 02:36
  Valuations 02:40
  Certificates 04:10
  Practical completion 10:56
  Rectification period 02:46
  Maintenance period 02:58
  Final account 03:36
  Bankruptcy 02:33
  Dispute resolution methods 03:05
  BIM 05:48

Exam tips

  Quarterly submissions 02:21
  Preparing for the exam 02:55
  Exam day 07:26

You can watch a video preview below, to get an idea of the course’s presentation layout:

  • An internet connection, as this is an online course and all videos will be streamed.
  • Even though the course is designed in a way that makes it accessible to all experience and knowledge levels, a very basic understanding of the syllabus would be beneficial but not necessary.
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If you’re not satisfied with the course’s content, we’re happy to give you a full refund within the first 30 days of enrolment
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Pathway to Chartership (P2C) online course

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