What is a statutory consultee?

Statutory consultee

Planning law prescribes circumstances where Local Planning Authorities are required to consult specified bodies prior to a decision being made on an application. These professional bodies are called statutory consultees and they hold the power to affect the result of a planning application.

You can find a list of statutory and non-statutory consultees here.

Non-statutory consultee

Planning policy reasons sometimes require the engagement of other consultees who – whilst not designated in law – are likely to have an interest in a proposed development. These are considered to be non-stautory consultees.

  • If a project involved a new development next to an existing road, Highways England would need to be consulted before the application outcome was decided.
  • If the new development was located next to a river, the Environment Agency would need to be consulted to provide advice on flood plains and regulate the SuDS strategy.

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